Harbormaster Zindar

"Do I scare you little one? Snarl the traffic in my harbor again and you will have reason."


It is unknown how old Zindar is, and no living memory can recall when he first settled down in Port Nyanzaru. He is as much a fixture of the city as are the walls that surround it. He has had many roles in the city he calls home: warrior defender, merchant of exotic items, sage, and even at one time a rat exterminator in the days when they ran amok from the sewers and threatened the health of the city. Today he is the port harbormaster, and the position he fills at the request of the merchant princes. During the overthrow of the Amnite rules, business in the city’s busy port became dangerous and cutthroat, with unscrupulous merchants hijacking cargoes in the warehouses and even from the holds of docked merchantmen. Intrigue and double dealing threatened to choke off the trade from its source, the harbor of the city. Zindar agreed to clean up the port on the condition that his authority there would be second to none, not even the merchant princes. In the harbor, Zindar is king, and all follow his law, even the rulers of the city.

Zindar is unafraid to use his reputation and imposing stature to intimidate folks (usually merchants and pilots new to the city) into compliance, and he is not unwilling to demonstrate his overwhelming and unequaled martial abilities when needed (which was only once, and resulted in the harbor having to be cleared of the wreckage of a three-story galleon). Fortunately Zindar is known also for his fairness and gruff mercy, and many of the citizens call him by the name, “Defender.”

Lately the Port has been having problems with pirates and it is circulating that Zindar is seeking talented agents to put an end to this menace which he hasn’t the time to see to personally.

Gold_Dragon.jpgZindar is a Golden Dragon, and his favored form is that of an eight foot tall lizardman with golden scales and dangerous looking fangs. It is rumored that, should he desire, Zindar could easily depose the council of princes and rule the city himself, but he hasn’t ever shown an inclination to do so. He took no part in the rebellion against Amnite rule, though his presence may have had something to do with the peaceful transition of power from one government to the other.

Most recently, Zindar has defended Port Nyanzaru from a bizarre undead attack that ruined Tiryki Anchorage and was stopped at the walls of the city. A strange glowing green mist came with the attackers who seemed to be some manner of very quick and powerful undead. Zindar took the city walls and defended the city with dragonfire, tooth, and claw, and the strange invaders withdrew.

The city is worshiping the Harbormaster for his actions that night, causing him to be ill-tempered with their attention. All he wants is to get back to work without admiring fans getting into trouble on the docks trying to catch a glimpse of him. More than one merchant and fanatical Port resident has found himself launched into the harbor by an irate Zindar.

He has also hired an unknown and unproven adventuring company named Phendu’s Defenders to accompany the Brazen Pegasus out to sea in an effort to control the pirates who have been preying on local shipping for months.

Eleasias 1, 1491,:

Zendar has stunned the city by inviting the PC’s to attend the midsummer festival gladiatorial event in his open pavilion served by beautiful slaves after their successful return from hunting pirates. This is something that has not happened in living memory, and inducts the PCs for good or ill into the cities politics. He has deepened this entrenchment by inviting the PCs to dine with him on the first day after the festival at his own residence, something only the city merchant princes and heads of the temples have ever been allowed before.


Harbormaster Zindar

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