Grandfather Zitembe (Savras)

"Look deep enough, and you will find the mysteries of the universe."


A man of genius, Father Zitembe is nearly always found within the temple of Savras dealing with one problem or another between the rich and powerful of Port Nyanzaru. His time is valuable, and he spends long hours in his private study doing research and divination, and it is uncommon that he will meet with the common folk of the city, leaving such duties to the many priests and pages within the house of Savras. Little happens in Chult that Father Zitembe is unaware of, or that he cannot discover if he wishes, and yet he detests the politics of the city whose actors are constantly besieging him for information on competitors and their plans. He makes himself available to the council of princes, but often refuses to speak to them individually, and then only in the direst of need. In very highly visible and important cases he is willing to offer aid to those princes who call upon him while they sit astride the Golden Throne, but the princes respect his position and do not abuse his grace. There is nearly always one or two priests of Savras in the Golden Hall while a prince sits in judgement.

Elaesias 1:

Grandfather ZItembe has pulled M’Ph aside and informed him that there is a curse upon the land. The slain gladiator Grand Champion of the Arena Pipso cannot be raised from the dead per the temple’s contract with the city. Something or someone is somehow preventing access to Pipso’s soul, and Grandfather is scared. Additionally merchant prince Zanthi who was once the subject of a resurrection ritual and all those who have ever had such magic used upon them have become ill and are getting worse. Grandfather Zibembe has instructed M’Pho to seek as much information as he can, to keep his eyes and ears open as to what could be causing this.


Grandfather Zitembe (Savras)

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